Using Virtual Gift voucher code, customer can redeem it for any services/product purchase. Find the steps below for gift voucher redemption:

1.Enter the customer Mobile number in Quick sale.

2.Select the service/products by clicking the corresponding icon.

3.Enter the Gift voucher code in the Redeem Gift voucher under Over all Benefits and give enter.

4.It shows the total Gift voucher value and in the next column enter the service cost to be redeemed   ( example- 1.if the service cost is INR 500 and Gift voucher value is INR 1000, customer can redeem INR 500 and balance can be redeemed in the next visit. example-2.If Service value is INR 1500 ,Voucher value is INR 1000, customer need to pay the balance amount of INR 500 via cash/card).

5.Click the Save/Check out.