Click on COVID 19 from menu bar 

Covid-19 Survey Form Templates  create default templates. We have created few templates to protect your staffs & customers from this Covid-19 Situation.

To enable it click create default templates we have created 2 sample templates click linked with appointment .

  • 1. To view, the questions select preview form

  • 2. Click edit questions to add or remove questions

Once it's created by default, the negative feedback alert is sent to the admin user.

To add a new user, Click Settings > Staff > User List > Add new user.

To receive staff notification:

Settings > Notification > Report Notification > Map Branch (Staff Name) > Choose a Report Type > Negative Feedback > Save.

To purchase SMS, Click ‘My Profile’ (Top right) > My Account > SMS Recharge > Choose a plan > Recharge SMS

Now you have created your COVID-19 screening survey form and enabled negative feedback alert to Staffs.

Once the customer has filled out the survey form, a report icon would be visible on the right side of the appointment.

To view the answers, click the specific appointment > view feedback.