1. Create the free account in the Stripe (International) / Razorpay (India) a standard payment gateway company, go to URL: Razorpay or Stripe and sign up and activate the account.

  2. Click settings >payment gateway.

  3. Copy the API Key which can be found in Razorpay/Stripe settings option API Key and copy the API key.Paste the API key and save it

  4. Click Online Booking option on a menu, Enable Online payment option.

  5. Set the condition like minimum payment collection amount. (Ex. Rs 500 is minimum payment then payment collection tab will be open only when selected service amount is more than 500 or if it less appointment will schedule without payment).

  6. Also, to avoid spam bookings  the condition can set to collect the amount less than 500, to those clients who has already scheduled an appointment sometime before and not came and trying again to schedule an appointment with the same amount or less than 500 rupees worth of service. ( Ex. if you set condition 2, then 2 times client can book an appointment for service below the Rs.500 or min payment set condition, after 2 appointments, 3rd time they have to pay the amount.)

  7. Save the settings and start receiving the amount to your bank account.

Note: The Condition to collect the payment for those who make an appointment repeatedly below minimum set amount will work only when you change the status of the appointment to "No show" in an appointment calendar.