1. Click on Setting and Click on Staff under modules settings. Select the Commission Profile and Click on Add Commission profile option.

  2. Upon clicking on the Commission profile, will display the pop-up to enter the Profile name and set the target level commission value.

  3. Type the Profile name to assign for the staff, and select the Monthly or daily commission period. And select the Item for which staff going to get the commission.

  4. Now set the target level and commission value (can be set in % or value) for which they can reach the target and can achieve the commission.

  5. For example, the commission value is 10% when they reach Rs 10,000 or above and similarly, 20% is commission if they reach the target amount of Rs 50,000 and above, and so on finally click on the save option.

  6. Now, the staff commission profile has been created successfully.

  7. Similarly, if the Commission value wanted to be set based on the Item sold, then select the Commission by item option.

  8. Select the Item like service, product or prepaid, etc. to give the Commission and select the price By value or % based on which you wanted to assign the commission.

  9. Apply the commission based on percentage or value. E.x select the percentage and give 10% and click on Apply all, So each time when staff sold a particular service or product or membership he would get a 10% commission on the particular bill.