The Appointment List  provides a report of the appointments made which can be filtered by booking method (online/offline), staff, time period, status, and resources.   

The steps to view the Appointment List are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Reports on the menu bar
  2. Click on the Appointments and Sales tab
  3. Using the drop down list - Select Appointment List under Appointment.
  4. Select a preferred time period
  5. If required, select a staff from the drop down list and view the customers they attended to. 
  6. Select Resources to filter appointments based on the resources that were or will be used. 
  7. Select the Status of the appointment depending on whether it is completed, no show, cancelled, etc. 
  8. Select All Mode and filter the report to show only Online appointments or Normal appointments or both. 
    1. Offline refers to walk-in customers. 
    2. Online refers to appointments booked beforehand through facebook or your salon and spa’s website. 

Upon following the steps, a report will appear on screen which can be downloaded as an excel or a pdf.