1. Click Feedback on menu > Click on the default feedback name to edit.

  2. Now for each question, click on edit option and enable the Positive feedback alert, make sure to set the condition which answers to be considered as positive. Kindly note down the conditions for each type of question to which positive feedback will work.

    1.  Rating by star or Rating by number question: Set the Minimum rating for which equal or above select star would be considered as positive. Ex. if min rating is set as 4 out of 5, then if customer select 4 or 5, it would be considered as positive.

    2. Option type/multiple choice: Set the condition, for which equal and above whatever the answer is selected it would be considered as positive.

  3. After updating all questions with positive feedback, now go to settings >notification >Client notification>Feedback Notification option.

  4. Click on it and enable the option. Now edit the content by copy-pasting with your social media feedback link and click on save.

  5. Now the Positive feedback is configured, and your Google/FB/Insta feedback link will be shared to your only happy customers.